Ran Ortner Artist - Stylistic

Ran Ortner

Using oil paint, the painter Ran Ortner plays masterfully on the lights, the focal length and the details of the huge waves he represents on canvas, making the result very realistic. The artist’s process focuses on his unique relationship with the ocean which is reflected in large-scale paintings of bodies of water.

“The ocean mirrors the tempo of my body, the beating of my heart, the in and out of my breath. Surging contractions birth swells that rise and then die. Waves like a metronome mark the present, each insisting: now.”
Yoshinori Mizutani Photography Stylistic

Yoshinori Mizutani Photography

Facing a sakura tree, my eyes shift from one petal to another, from one flower to another until the whole picture is grasped.

In the new series resulting from his fascination for and named after the sakura tree, Yoshinori Mizutani attempts to visualise the movement of his eyes as he observes, and materialises the visual experience of meditating and wandering under the blooming tree. As a result, the abstract images show that photography captures not only a specific moment, but also the passing of time. Forming an interesting new aesthetic direction in his work.
matt w moore stylistic design derby

SHADOVVS by Matt W. Moore

SHADOVVS by American artist & designer Matt W. Moore. Moore constructed a new body of work that fuses his bold, graphic, op-geo vocabulary with extruded mosaic forms that bring the works to life in three dimensions. The series is activated by the angle and intensity of the light source, be it a deliberate directional lamp, or the natural curve of each day’s sun cycle. Symmetries and depth are revealed, and color palettes are expanded upon into parallel hues revealed by the shadows.

The Stylistic Rebrand

Our current re-branding from SWD to Stylistic marks a transition in the business and something we’ve been talking about internally as a ‘renaissance’, which as the dictionary definition states is ‘a revival of or renewed interest in something’.

We see it very much as returning to some of our traditional values, the elements that have built the company and made it a success.

2003 – 2012 // Stylistic Web Design
2012 – 2016 // SWD.
2016 – onward // Stylistic

Stylistic is a trading name of SWD Digital Limited


Everybody Knows, Nobody Knows

“It’s to make unconsciousness become more conscious to touch a picture. It’s to copy 1 picture 2000 times using a copy machine, and the unconsciousness which has its photograph taken is expanded and regaining consciousness is given. Expansion makes itself evolve into regaining consciousness as a result. Regaining consciousness beyond the imagination for which I don’t depend on my world is to let a mechanical process through, and thinks 2000 times of work from which you can get advantage in statistical way to have.”

Work by Japanese artist Yuichiro Higashiji.