The results are the main thing. But increasingly, clients like to know more about the skills behind the scenes, the people, and the creative processes they’re likely to be a key part of. So this is your introduction to the who, what, how and why of Stylistic.

Much of what we do is the least you’d expect from a top design agency – we just happen to do it very well, and enjoy it immensely.

So what makes us the one for you?
The best way to find out is to get in touch.

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The Stylistic team has over 12 years under its belt. With this comes a confident maturity to our approach, as well as a name for ourselves in the circles we move in.

We’re happiest just being who we are – humble people with creativity and advanced technological knowledge, who help people open to new and interesting ways to promote their businesses.


For a close working relationship and the best results, we need a strategy – a clear plan we all agree on, based on information, understanding and resources. This can be anything from an innovation audit, to web analytics, to large-scale content planning that involes research and market insights. It all depends on your goals.

This is the really important bit, where we need you to be open, honest and brave. Let’s start by talking, about anything and everything, and find our way together.


This factors in user experience and graphic design to give you an elegant structure and creative direction for your commercial, editorial and brand identity requirements. The result has to look great and work for your business, and get across the key messages true to your brand.

We’ll never flex creative muscle at the expense of clarity, usability or functionality – especially when it comes to e-commerce projects.


We’ve built a team where everyone understands each other’s role enough to know what’s possible, and what works best for the brief you’ve given us. So behind the customer-facing aspects of your campaign, you’ll have robust, flexible and secure technology at work to help with transactions, analytics and general management of your identity.

As we bring your co-creation to life, we can provide everything from custom-built content platforms to global e-commerce integrations – and be there to guide you through the continuously evolving technological side of things.

Services at a glance

Brand Identity
Web Design & Development
Graphic Design
Brand Direction


We’re not here to baffle you with technology or hide behind our creative genius. We don’t sell snake oil, or suck air through our teeth when you give us a tough brief… we wouldn’t do this if we didn’t like a challenge.

Whatever you need, we can help. The process might be complex for us – but as far as working with you goes, it’s simple. Let’s forget we’re provider and client, and be ourselves. Let’s talk till we understand each other, and know each other well enough to be at ease – that’s how the best projects start, and the best results happen.

Ready? Get in touch…


It’s a relationship, not a one-project stand…

The nature of what we do means we know how your website works, inside out. We’ll have logged the process that created your print campaign, and have worked hard on those complex algorithms and analytics work behind the scenes to help you refine marketing strategies and campaigns.

In other words, to have met your needs, we’ll have got to know you and your business pretty well, and we’re always here to help with any further requirements as your business grows.

Chances are, we had a great time working together, so don’t be a stranger as your needs change.


It’s often hard to imagine the effect a new brand identity, brochure or website can do for your business. It can be a leap of faith, asking an expert to help you transform your customer-facing collateral, reach a wider audience and boost sales.

Fact is, we wouldn’t exist if we weren’t pretty good at this, and continuously inspired by each other and our clients to keep improving. You’re the same. You want to keep things fresh, and stay ahead of your peers and competitors, but you can’t do that without taking a risk.

With Stylistic, it’s a calculated risk. One that relies on a straightforward, human-to-human collaboration that has the same goals.

Next Steps

If we’ve done this right, it will spur you on to start the conversation that gets your transformation underway.

Call us… you never know, there might be another human at the other end. You might even be starting the conversation that takes your business to the next level.

+44 (0)1332 208069

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